Flood Prevention

We provide a complete flood protection solution for your homes and businesses in the UK. Talk to our Experts about Flood Barriers, Flood Doors and vital Flood Protection.If you are experiencing a problem with flooding, we are here to help.

Calder Floods & Damp Proofing is a company unlike any other in the Flood Protection industry. We are able to offer a Complete Flood Protection Solution and reliable flood defence systems that will protect any property from flooding.

We stand out from others in the industry as our method of installing Flood Defences ensures that our highly trained fitters only leave your property when it is completely protected from flooding. The Flood Barriers are measured, assembled and fitted on site and they can be installed within the day giving you peace of mind and assurance that your property can withstand any future flooding.

With thousands of Calder Floods protected homes across the UK, we are proud to always leave our customers satisfied and all of our Flood Protection products come with a 5 year guarantee. We understand that dealing with flood problems is stressful, so when you contact us we will take you through the solution step by step and put you back in control.

Flood Clean Up / Flooded Already

Following a flood, either from internal sources, heavy rains or sewer backup, flood clean-up is essential to ensure the health and safety of individuals involved and protection of key assets. Calder Floods & Damp Proofing has highly trained flood clean-up teams, specialising in sanitising, drying equipment and vehicles, as well as remediating ground and water courses.


Flood clean-up is delivered as part of our emergency flood response support services. Calder Floods & Damp Proofing’s team of flooding specialists are available nationwide, delivering 24/7 emergency response and post incident remediation for over 90% of the UK. Our flood response teams and associated equipment; such as flood barriers, pumps and temporary storage tanks; can be onsite within a few hours. If spills occur as a result of flooding, as on of the leading spill response provider in the UK, Calder Floods & Damp Proofing is able to quickly manage any threat to assets or the environment.

Flood Door Repairs

Having issues with your flood door?

We know all too well that the stresses of everyday life can over time damage your flood doors. Flood doors are highly engineered doors that need to be looked after but even then things can go wrong. We can repair any type of flood door on the market anywhere in the country. Feel free to call our team and we can arrange a fix for you.

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is the generic term typically used to describe the installation of preventative measures to stop damp problems occurring within our homes. However, it is not necessarily the right term to describe the actual type of damp affecting the property and often the wrong term used to describe the right damp treatment needed to rectify a damp issue.
There are many different causes of damp within our homes, not just rising damp (the type of damp often associated with damp proofing). Each year, the average home copes with around 15,000 gallons of rain water, so it is no surprise that damp problems can become a big issue for many. Although most damp issues are much less serious than they actually look, whatever the cause, damp can be bad for your health and the health of your property. At Calder Floods & Damp Proofing we specialise in damp proofing and damp mitigation. Give us a call to discuss a solution for you.

Basement Conversions

We offer complete basement / cellar conversion services including waterproofing and tanking. We are experts in basement conversions and we have an unrivaled depth of knowledge to create the perfect basement tailored to your requirements.

The process of building new basement constructions below ground level inevitably involves dealing with the potential presence of damp, and adding electrical systems to the new room. This means that it’s increasingly vital to include high quality waterproof tanking that adheres to, and exceeds, the current structural waterproofing BS8102 safety standards. Our fully qualified experts will advise what solution will work for you depending on your needs.

All our waterproofing & tanking systems are independently covered by insurance backed guarantees to give you complete peace of mind.

We have converted hundreds of basements over the last few years for both residential and commercial clients

Check out some of our recent conversions in our recent work section.

Did you know?

At Calder Flood we are that confident that our service and products are second to none, that we offer a 10 year Satisfaction Warranty, giving you piece of mind that your products are covered.

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